Friday, February 10, 2012

What is Distressed Furniture?

Distressed furniture is a beautiful look involving the art of adding the look of age to a furniture piece. Newer pieces of furniture are conditioned to have the appearance of older pieces that have seen a moderate amount of use. Distressed furniture can create a warm feeling in a room by conveying a sense of continuity with the past. The process for distressing furniture often depends on the style, the amount of distressing that is desired, and whether the piece is painted or stained.
Using several pieces of furniture with this “time worn” effect throughout your home can achieve an old world, natural, or shabby-chic look. Kitchen islands, coffee tables, beds, chests and bath vanities look great when distressed.

From Top: May Flair Extra Deep Kitchen Island, Petite Perigord French Bath Vanity, Swedish Three Drawer Chest and Swedish Bed Luxe

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