Thursday, October 11, 2012

Patterned Chairs Add Accents To Your Home

It's always fun to throw an unexpected accent into a space. Adding pattern to a room can often feel like a risk, especially when it comes to your upholstery. If you love the look of a strong pattern but have commitment issues, a pretty accent chair (or two) in a fun print might be perfect to pair with your neutral sofa. Here are a few of our favorites.
The Heckscher Chair captivates with both modern and traditional panache. I love the combination of Blossom Marigold and HourGlass Steel on this accent chair.
The Heckscher Chair is just as captivating with a patterned back and neutral front.
Adding pattern to your room does not mean it has to be bold and colorful. If you prefer neutrals, you can still add a pretty pattern in soft colors. The Centerport Chair in Seafarer Stone embodies pure sophistication.
The Captree Chair in a pretty pattern has a fresh open feel as a cozy sitting spot in a bedroom corner.
The Captree Chair is also great for warming up your living room.
The Huntington Chair offers a geometric pattern that would look great with a crisp white sofa.
The Southampton Chair in Tiffany Seamist offers a pretty floral pattern and paired with nailhead trim and fabric gimp around base make it an inspiration!
The Water Island Chair with its geometric pattern give this traditional wingback a modern take that I love.
The Moriches Chair does not get sweeter with a combination of a striped pattern front and solid fabric back.
The Canoe Place Chair gives you lots of color inspiration for the rest of your room.
The Canoe Place Chair paired with a sofa in neutral upholstery and an accent chair in a brighter color makes an awesome combination!

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