Sunday, January 13, 2013

Design Concept: Matching Furniture to Wall Color

Matching furniture with the wall color is a very interesting design concept. Adding a dark wax to your piece will allow your furniture to stand out from your wall color. I always found these pictures to be captivating with all of them having the same theme: matched furniture with wall color and all having a Gustavian influence.

Having an eye for historical colors palettes, here we see a console table that is matched up to the wall color. The look is absolute perfection!

A series of gray tones are paired together in this dark interior. The island is painted in a lighter shade of gray. Stainless steel is the perfect choice for gray interiors and adds a richness and some light to a dark room.

Want to take this concept to the extreme? Here everything is painted in the same shade except for the stool and the accessories. Furniture that may be an eyesore is given a face lift and allows the piano to disappear into the room, giving other pieces the spot light. It also gives a minimal look to a room, allowing a busy room to appear less cluttered.

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