Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Fine Line: Decorating With Stripes

Stripes add visual interest in a room. Whether you are using a striped pattern in the living room or in the bedroom, it can play beautifully with a solid or floral pattern. Counteract striped furnishings with several less busy design elements such as a solid bedspread having a subtle border with a striped headboard or a solid throw with a striped club chair. This will give your eyes a rest from the impact of the stripes and make it possible for them to digest the entire decorating scheme. From wide stripes to narrow stripes to rippled stripes, here are some of our favorite striped fabrics from the CB Upholstered Collection. Our favorite pick would be the Tobay Bed in the Garrett Seaglass pattern pictured below.

The CB Upholstered Fabric Collection has a wide selection of fabrics that can be purchased by the yard.

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