Monday, April 8, 2013

Lavender - Feminine, Youthful and Spring-like

With spring in the air, my color palette longs for hues that signify this beautiful season at its best. Lovely lavender -- it's feminine and spring-like with the freshness of youth. Many nurseries use it but isn't just a kid color. It's a sophisticated, varied and versatile color that works well in many rooms. Its complementary colors range from light purples to pale pinks evoking femininity and youth and freshness while the grayer hues evoke a more neutral, elegant and grown-up atmosphere.
Every variation looks crisp and bright with white. But as you will see below, there's almost nothing you can't put with it!

Pictured above: Williams Table, Williams Chair and Petite Hanna Chair and Ottoman

Pictured above: Chloe Console Table

Pictured above: Swedish Bed (updated version now has straight headboard)

Pictured above: Isabella Bed in Lavender

As shown above, whether it be through accessories or a countertop, lavender adds a fresh feeling in a kitchen!

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