Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sunrooms: A Second Living Room in Your Home

Tufted Round Ottoman
A sunroom can act as a second living room. Not only do sunrooms support leisurely living, they can serve many functional purposes as well as increase square footage. Whether it is called a sunporch, solarium or conservatory, it might be just the thing to get you in a sunnier mood. Adding a rug would bring plushness and texture while adding greenery would bring a connecting element to the outdoors. You may ask, how do you enjoy a sunroom in the middle of a snowy winter season ... it provides a perfect place to to watch the outdoors in the winter. Incorporating an area designated as a reading nook or playing a musical instrument in this second living room may well become your favorite spot in the entire house!

Seaford Spool Chair

Pipa Table Candace Lamp
ONE: Huntington Sofa, TWO: Candace Coral Table Lamp; THREE: Pipa Side Table; FOUR: Plum Island Ottoman; and FIVE: Portugese Soumak Rug.

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