Thursday, August 1, 2013

Designers We Love: Village Architects

Marked by dedication to excellence and attention to detail, Village Architects offers a collaborative design process between the owner and architect. We love their use of beachy blues and weathered driftwood grays and the integration of dark wood trim and accent pieces. Offering a glimpse of their beautiful work, we’ve collected a few images from their portfolio to inspire your inner interior designer!

We love the double kitchen island layout and the detail of the high back in the kitchen sink area which tends to get slightly messy at times and therefore is a great area to 'hide' from the living room.

We love using two square coffee tables in this living room. The dark wood on the kitchen island counter top and chairs is carried over in the living room coffee tables and ceiling fan.

The wall decor reflects the coastal theme achieved throughout this home. Did we inspire your inner interior designer?!

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