Saturday, August 31, 2013

Grisaille: Monochromatic Furnishings add a Touch of Sophistication

Grisaille is a term for a monochromatic painting, usually in shades of gray. Grisaille murals are some of the most elegant wall decorating treatments out there. Classy and timeless, these murals add sophistication to any room. This finish also works well in baths and powder rooms above the chair rail. Incorporating the same art style to a chair or as an accent on a sofa, it is a great decorating idea for a formal dining room, living room and even foyer. We have been searching for a way of getting the look of a handpainted wall mural on a budget with the feel of a tapestry and came across various ways of achieving this timeless style.

I thought I'd share with you a few beauties in various formats ... whether a chair, wall panel, accent pillow or throw ... that we've found along the way which are all available in the Maison Collection.

Italian Grisaille Panel with Architectural Wall Scene depicts rural women tending to their laundry in a river. This oversized panel is illustrated in shades of grey on printed paper over canvas. A monochromatic work of art that offers a glimpse into the bucolic lifestyle of the past.

Grisaille Pillow Sham accessorizes an armchair or bed. The grisaille design on this pillow elevates a simple accent piece into an eye-catching work of art.

Grisaille Mid Century Chair has stunning upholstery that elevates its simple form into an eye-catching work of art. Topped with a decorative handle, this handcrafted birch side chair is a unique addition to a living room, dining room, foyer or bedroom.

Accessorize a room with the Grisaille Throw draped over an armchair or at the end of a bed. The grisaille design on this throw elevates a simple blanket into an eye-catching work of art.

Hope you enjoyed these beauties!

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