Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Campaign Beds: Origin and 21st Century

French campaign iron beds were portable and used originally by the French during their on going military campaigns. Up until these collapsible beds were invented, the officers had to sleep on the ground in bed rolls just as the enlisted men did. The soldiers never had the luxury of a bed that elevated them “off” the ground, away from drafts and out of reach from rodents, etc. It’s not known whether complaints from officers originally led to beds being carted along on these campaigns or if the practicality of the “campaign” style beds just made it more convenient.

Alaric Iron Bed

Whoever invented the French Campaign antique iron bed, can rest assured there are generations of officers that owe them a debt of gratitude for adapting the everyday metal bed in to a battle field luxury. By using a rich mix of coloration and paisley fabrics, you will impart a masculine haberdashery style to the room.

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